About the EPAT Project

The Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Training Project ended in 
December 1995.  However, all 50 publications about environmental policy are 
available at this site.

As all hard copies have been distributed to international policymakers 
abroad, I urge you to access the papers on the Internet.  You can download 
all or part of each document or use key word searches.  The topics include:

Energy, Industry, and the Urban Environment 
Forestry and Watershed Management
Population and the Environment
Resource Pricing and Institutions

I hope these documents will be useful to you in your important work.


A USAID-funded global program, the Environmental and Natural Resources
Policy and Training Project (EPAT), is implemented, in part, by 15
universities and development organizations through the Midwest Universities
Consortium for International Activities, Inc. (MUCIA). 

EPAT/MUCIA has research, training, and communication components that offer
the latest information about:

  * Energy, Industry & the Urban Environment
  * Forestry & Watershed Management
  * Macroeconomic Policy
  * Population & the Environment
  * Institutions & Policy Implementation
  * Environmental Policy Training 
  * Environmental Policy Communications

EPAT/MUCIA publications include:

  * Policy Briefs - short overviews of environmental policy concerns
  * Case Studies - outlining specific in-country policy challenges
  * Manuals - how-to-do-it environmental policy handbooks for
     easy reference
  * Working Papers - of environmental policy research in progress
  * Monographs - detailing the state of knowledge in particular
     subject matter areas.

EPAT/MUCIA environmental policy partners apply their research to real
problems, and they are eager to collaborate with researchers throughout the

USAID Missions, national and international agencies, and host country
governments can collaborate with  the EPAT/MUCIA project by contacting: 

  Chief of Party
  Tel: (703) 841-0026
  Fax: (703) 841-0699

EPAT/MUCIA-Research and Training partners include University of Arizona;
Cornell University; University of Illinois; Indiana University; University
of Iowa; University of Michigan; Michigan State University; University of
Minnesota; The Ohio State University; Purdue University; University of
Wisconsin; Abt Associates; Development Alternatives, Inc.; Development
Associates, Inc.; and World Resources Institute.


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